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This is a summary of "Remdesivir for the Treatment of Covid-19 - Preliminary Report"


Is Remdesivir an effective treatment option for COVID-19 patients?

In a large randomized, placebo-controlled study of hospitalized patients with COVID-19, patients who received remdesivir tended to recover days faster than those who received a placebo.

Key takeaways

Why is this important?

There is no confirmed treatment for COVID-19. In addition to creating new treatments (which will take many months to be tested and made widely available), the scientific community has turned to existing medicines in the hunt for treatments. Remdesivir has been widely discussed in general media, especially after being positively mentioned by Dr. Anthony Faucci, one of the principal advisors to President Trump on the coronavirus. This study is an important piece of evidence in the search for a treatment. Research Explained previously covered a study from China that did not show a beneficial effect to Remdesivir. Furthermore, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made remdesivir available under an emergency-use authorization for treatment of severe COVID-19. Since patients are already receiving remdesivir, there is greater importance and urgency in disseminating accurate and evidence-based information about its effects to the medical community.

What did the study do?

How was it reported?

Original Paper DOI10.1056/NEJMoa2007764

Remdesivir for the Treatment of Covid-19 - Preliminary Report [PDF]

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